Volume 13

Vol. 13 No. 1 – Fall 2013


Who Has the Burden of Persuasion in Impartial Hearings Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act by Perry A. Zirkel

Transparency on Trial: A Legal Review of Public Information Access in the Face of Privatization by Alexa Capeloto

Where Do the Prophets Stand? Hamdi, Myth, and the Master’s Tools by Linda H. Edwards

“Color Struck”: Intragroup and Cross-Racial Color Discrimination by Leland Ware

Notes & Comments

Clearing the Air: The Constitutionality of the FDA’s Discarded Tobacco Warning Labels and the Resulting Implications on the FDA’s Future Warning Labels by Michael S. Samsel

Answering the Unanswered Questions: How States Can Comport with Miller v. Alabama by Lauren Kinell

Vol. 13 No. 2


Is “Medical Marijuana” An Idea Whose Time Has Come—And Gone? by Mark A.R. Kleiman

They Can Pump Up the Volume but Can They Pump Out Their Milk? Public Secondary Schools Should be Required to Accommodate Lactating Students by Kimberly Jacobsen

Criminal Use of Switchblades: Will the Recent Trend Towards Legalization Lead to Bloodshed? by Paul A. Clark

Locked Down and Armed: Security Responses to Violence in Our Schools by Todd A. DeMitchell

It Takes More Than a Village: Community Economic Development Clinics as a Mechanism For Meaningful Public Participation in an Adversarial Planning Landscape by Sarah M. Jacobs

Notes & Comments

AIA: The Building Block of Communal Innovation by Janelle A. Bailey

The Workplace Bullying Dilemma In Connecticut: Connecticut’s Response to the Healthy Workplace Bill by Samantha Jean Cheng Chu

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