Welcome Readers!

        My name is Hannah Lauer, and I served as Editor in Chief for the Connecticut Public Interest Law Journal’s twenty-second volume. It is my honor to officially welcome you to our blog! The purpose of this blog is to create shorter, less formal pieces of writing that provide social commentary and can respond to developments in the legal community more rapidly than our two-issue format typically allows.

        CPILJ has a duty to disseminate accessible information on current legal issues outside the legal community, and this blog is an attempt to do just that. A legal education is far from accessible to everyone, though the law should be. One should not need a legal education to understand what their Fourth Amendment rights are and the like, but much essential information in understanding these concepts is not accessible outside of a subscription or intensive hours of research. The law should be accessible to everyone. While this blog by no means attempts to act as a resource like Cornell’s Legal Information Institute, it can and will respond to developments in the law and in the Supreme Court’s jurisprudence in real time.

        Anyone is welcome to publish on this blog, and inquiries may be sent to cpilj@uconn.edu, though the first few entries will be submitted by CPILJ members. Anyone who is curious about a topic and would like one of our members to write a post covering a certain legal issue is also welcome to submit that inquiry to our email. Please look out for our first post, launching August 22, 2022, at 9 am on the Dobbs decision.

All the Best,