Volume 11

Vol. 11 No. 1


People First: The Cuban Travel Ban, Wet Foot-Dry Foot and Why the Executive Branch Can and Should Begin Normalizing Cuba Policy by Jarrett Barrios

Criminal Law’s Tribalism by Molly Townes O’Brien

“We’d Love to Match Them, But . . . “: How Temporary Employment Agencies Understand and Use Race and Ethnicity by Meghan M. Sweeney

The “ILLEGAL” Tax by Francine J. Lipman

Notes & Comments

Coalition, Cross-Cultural Lawyering, and Intersectionality: Immigrant Identity as a Barrier to Effective Legal Counseling for Domestic Violence Victims by Jessica H. Stein

A Look at In re Fabian A.: Examining the Extension of Due Process Protections and Failure to Object as Waiver in the Juvenile Justice System by Elizabeth Bannon

Vol. 11 No. 2

Symposium: One Nation Under Law

Dar al-Constitution: Islam and the American Constitutional Order by Eric Michael Mazur

Sweet Land of Liberty: Islamophobia and the Treatment of Muslims in the State of Connecticut by Cheryl A. Sharp

Book Review: The Right to Education, Work and Welfare in Islam (Fundamental Rights and Liberties in Islam Series) by Mohammad Hashim Kamali, Islamic Texts Society (2011) by Umar F. Moghul

Islamic Microfinance: Sustainable Poverty Alleviation for the Muslim Poor by Betsy Walters


Constitutional Sentences for Juveniles Convicted of Felony Murder in the Wake of Roper, Graham & J.D.B by Emily C. Keller

Notes & Comments

Legal Education and Moneyball: The Art of Winning the Assessment Game by Jeremy Potter

Freedom of Speech in the Technological Age: Are Schools Regulating Social Media? by Cory M. Daige

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