Volume 10

Vol. 10 No. 1


Is the Internet “Voodoo”?: Evidentiary Weight of Internet-Based Material in Immigration Court by Honorable Dorothy A. Harbeck, J.D. and Yoonji Kim, J.D.

Filling the Due Process Donut Hole: Abuse and Neglect Cases between Disposition and Permanency by Josh Gupta-Kagan

The Sun Peeking Around the Corner: Illinois’ New Freedom of Information Act as a National Model by Sarah Klaper

Lawyers, Interrogations and the Historic Framework of Debate About Torture by Sheldon Gelman

Bifurcated Review of Interpreter Determinations Under the Court Interpreters Act by David H. Chao

Notes & Comments

Palliative Exceptions: Substance Abuse, Mental Illness, and Drug Courts by Andrew Wasicek

Vol. 10 No. 2


Barack Obama and the Public Interest Law Movement: A Preliminary Assessment by Frank Deale and Rita Cant

Restraining the Use of Restraints for Students with Disabilities: An Empirical Analysis of the Case Law by Pery A. Zirkel and Caitlin A. Lyons

Special Feature: Privacy Invasions & the Media

Fickle Justice: Judicial Idiosyncrasy in UK Privacy Cases by Paul Wragg

Enjoining Selective Forced Exposure of Figures of Contemporary Society by Robin D. Barnes and Yamuna Menon

“A Simple, Human Measure of Privacy”: Public Disclosure of Private Facts in the World of Tiger Woods by Patricia Sanchez Abril

Notes & Comments

“Race” to the Bottom?: Addressing Student Body Diversity in Charter Schools After Parents Involved by Alyssa M. Simon

The Nebulous Right to Travel as a Possible Limitation on “Child Safety Zones”: The Greenwich Sex Offender Ordinance by Regina Armon

Don’t Split the Baby: How the U.S. Could Avoid Uncertainty and Unnecessary Litigation and Promote Equality by Emulating the British Surrogacy Law Regime by Austin Caster

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